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Experience and skills

I have been working in marketing for many years now. Since my time at university, I have been continuously expanding my knowledge of SEO, PPC, social media marketing, copywriting, and all the other relevant tools which are important in today’s ever-changing digital world. I’m also highly skilled in creating marketing strategies and product/brand names. Content creation is a big part of what I can do and it’s mostly through photography, videography, copywriting and digital artwork.

Testimonial from a client:

“Miro is a great artist who put all his time and passion into our project together. So far we have worked on a few promo videos for my business and he was amazing at making sure we got what we needed, giving me ideas and also preparing me to be calmer in front of camera. Thank you, Miro and I look forward to more projects with you.” – Teodora Sklayne, Spain