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Award-Winning Industrial Designer

Hi! My name is Miroslav Stibůrek, born Czech, moulded by British schooling and chiselled by Spanish culture. I live in a beautiful city called Barcelona. 

In my professional career, I wear many hats, be it a designer, artist, engineer, maker, marketer or entrepreneur. I also go by different names, Miro, Miroslavo, Miros, Mirek, etc., all variations of my birth name. But ultimately… I‘m a man with a dream.

I want to live a purpose-driven life, one that has a meaning and helps the big picture. My way of helping is through my skills and abilities. I want to help others solve problems through clever design, subtle beauty and simple engineering. I’m also passionate about business design, communication, and marketing. I’m usually contracted by companies long-term, or I help clients on a short-term basis in these areas.

One might see me as a generalist, but the truth is that I’m a hardcore specialist. I specialise in using my innate creativity, technical wits, and drive for excellence to be useful in all the areas I’m passionate about. Only then, I feel like I’m living out my destiny.

Feel free to get in touch with me, connect with me on social media, or browse through my website to discover how we could work together.