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Award-Winning Industrial Design Engineer

Award-Winning Industrial Design Engineer

Miroslav Stibůrek is a Czech-born award-winning designer, engineer, inventor, artist, and entrepreneur. While he was born in Czechoslovakia in 1987, he was moulded a lot by British schooling and chiselled by Spanish culture. He currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. This page is dedicated mainly to his design work.

His design story begins in his childhood, he was always making something with his hands, putting together Technics Lego at a young age, constructing small houses, knitting clothes, building things out of wood, drawing, etc… “I remember that I wanted to be a designer when I was a kid.”, he says.

Since he was 13, he has gone through various areas of design, such as interior, architectural, digital, web, industrial and service. However, there is an area that came out on top, and it was Product Design. His industrial design work is perhaps the most famous, and for which he received numerous international design awards

He is an accomplished and talented designer and engineer. He has the ability to invent a new product idea, design both the aesthetic and the mechanical parts of a product and create it in a way that it’s mass producible. Furthermore, he has deep knowledge of sustainability, which he applies in his work.

While he began with product design back at university during his undergraduate degree in Sports Technology, he has turned this into a professional career about 7 years ago. Since then, he has been working with various inventors, startups, large businesses and studios to design and develop their new product ideas. He has also been working on his own labels. The first of which he hopes to launch in 2023. It’s where his undying entrepreneurial spirit lies. His natural knack for marketing and finding opportunity drives his hunger for success.

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